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01924 663959

24 Hour Express Couriers

24 Hour Express Couriers

About Us

Woods Corporate Services Ltd, which owns Chariots Express, has been in business since 1990 providing customer services in the UK and throughout East & West Europe, winning several awards in the former Yugoslavia for Innovation to Industry. It set the standard for automotive sales and service throughout Croatia, Serbia and Albania as they moved to capitalism during the early 1990s. That commitment to customer service was brought to Chariots Express, when it was purchased in 2006 and remains ingrained in every decision we make.

With dedicated transport, what is important to the customer is:

Timed collections

We collect everything on time

Convenient collections

We are often asked to pre-load the vehicle the evening before, no problem

Timed deliveries

We deliver, wherever, at the specified time. That is simple, why wouldn’t we?

Real time reports

With our tracking system, we can give the customer up to date, real time reports of the driver’s progress

Delay advice

With our tracking system, we can pre warn the customer of unavoidable delays due to road conditions

Avoid the problem

With our tracking system, we can direct drivers around a potential delay.

Proof of Delivery

All customers require a signed Proof of Delivery for every job. This is provided via email immediately the driver returns and is followed up by post with the relevant invoice. PODs are scanned and archived as a historical service to customers should they need it.


All customers require clear, agreed and simple invoices. The price quoted is the price invoiced unless additional charges, such as demurrage, night time running or additional drops are agreed prior to invoicing. There are no cloudy issues.

Quality - Vehicles

All our vehicles are refreshed after 5 years to eliminate the potential for breakdowns. Servicing is carried out according to manufacturer’s instructions and HGVs are serviced every 6 weeks.

Quality – Personnel

All drivers have a minimum 2 years driving experience and commit to on-going training both in house and via government schemes.

Quality – Service

The service provided is quite simply second to none. Customers we found in 2006, when originally growing the company, are still with us and our customer list now runs into 100s.

All in all, what we offer is confidence that we know what we are doing and that customers can rely on us.

Our reputation is paramount and we work diligently to ensure our customers can rely on that reputation to deliver their goods on time, every time.

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Woods Corporate Services Ltd, TA Chariots Express have diversified into storage and distribution and can now offer storage space up to 12,000 sq ft at highly competitive rates. As always, our focus is on offering the very best customer service and we are here to discuss any and all of your needs. If you feel we can be of any assistance, just call us on our new number 01924 663959. Alternatively, write to us at Unit 36, Mildred Sylvester Way, Normanton, WF6 1TA.

Whether it is one pallet or 1,000 pallets we can help.